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12-03-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Emerald76 View Post
The end?

I think not, your opponent has played on Normal for the entire league series so far.
Breaking up of Play is a must-use-tactic in game 3
Yes, you are away from home in the next game, but you already won 5-zip in the first game.

You also have a stronger team.
"The end" might be a bit premature.
Well i needed a small outburst while i was still mad, i cooled down a bit . Breaking up of play? I used it in both games, in first game it worked, in 2nd game he changed tactic to offensive, i should now use defensive, no?

It's just, argh!! So close! He does have better top players, some of my top players i recently bought have very little energy (like 50-60) and won't be really useful.

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