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12-03-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Milliardo View Post
I just don't buy this. I have yet to see proof for this. In fact, there was acutally an article on this where this myth was shown to be untrue. Not only did most goalies make more saves, they also made more difficult saves.

But, our defensiv system also sucks and needs to be changed.
There is no proof to it, either. We played a very strong defensive game for the majority of Fleury's career. Until DB switched it to zone, it was actually benefiting Fleury. Just because we shut down shots doesn't mean we are giving them better chances. That's just not how that stat works.

Under MT, we didn't shoot a lot and focused on 3 on 3 in the defensive zone. We were sound defensively. Under DB, we were even more sound defensively but explosive and simple on the offensive side. It wasn't until we won the Cup that everything, for whatever reason, changed.

Aggression is still the name of the game. Any team that sits back, will inevitably lose. If you look at the notorious "trappers" in NJ, they were playing the furthest thing from the trap in the playoffs. They were ultra aggressive and took it to teams. They scored in transition w/ not a whole lot of insane talent. It was simple hockey. They also attacked the opposition in the defensive end. That's how you create turnovers and go the other way. The Pens, right now, are just too passive. Covering zone after zone and never attacking and getting the puck out. So far, it's DB's biggest mistake.

edit: wgknestrick makes a good point about rebound control. #29 has had some piss-poor rebound control in his career. That does lead to trouble. The top goalies eat the puck up with every shot they take. No second chances. Teams feel they need to shoot more and more.

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