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12-03-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
@ Glen, that's fine your more than entitled to have your opinion because I definitely have mine lol. I'll admit, I haven't watched Erixon at all this year. But last season, there was the play where he skated by his Ranger teammates getting in a scrap and chose to sit on the bench. Sather made it quite clear that MDZ, Stepan and Kreider were not going to be traded for Rick Nash under any circumstance. Instead they viewed the son of an time Ranger great expendable and traded him barely a year later after they traded to acquire him. To me, that says something.

Like I said, maybe he will or has changed. But I know for myself, if I were in charge of a pro sports team and had the choice between having Horak or Erixon on my team that I would chose Horak without hesitation based on what I know of the 2 players attitudes and overall skill level.
You are entitled to your opinion my point was don't let that one action convince you of the person he is because almost everyone has done something bad before.

Of course he wouldn't trade Kreider or Stepan they need help in the top 9 for forwards and Sather knows that. So it comes down to MDZ or Erixon who is the center prospect in the trade and honestly who wouldn't trade Erixon over MDZ, MDZ is just better. I think it says Erixon was a top prospect that wasn't needed like the others in other words its says nothing.

I will agree he *****ed out on that play with the Rangers but again everyone has done things they have regretted, Erixon has gotten into lots of scraps and on that one occasion yes he left his teammates. I think you would be foolish to say you would take Erixon over Horak but that's your opinion and that's fine but my point was don't let one decision at the age of 20 (we all know his dad was making the decision) define who he is.

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