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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
Actually, it isn't really negotiation either. They owners have made an offer, and the players have declined.

CBA - Collective Bargaining Agreement.
I know what CBA stands for.

The terms are rather synonymous though people usually think bargaining as in it is defined by give and take. It's not which is why I denounced the negotiations as a bargaining session. The act of bargaining or negotiating is not exclusively defined by applying the method of bartering. That's just one way to do it so. Negotiating is about discussion that leads to mutual agreement. Just because the offers haven't resulted in a mutual agreement doesn't mean that there isn't any negotiating. I'd say it's more fair to say that there isn't enough constructive negotiating going on to get things done. Both sides are giving and taking, but both sides want more than what the other side is offering and that has led them to this point.

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