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12-03-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I'd like to complain too but as I have a single loss I better not. My last game I dominated possession (60%) and shots (surrendered 1 while having some 13 attempts and 6 or 7 on target) yet drew 1-1 at home playing N/N vs. VL/VL. 2 points down the pisser...
Same thing here. I don't think I dominated TOP, but shots and all that, yes. 0-0 draw. Dammit. More wasted points. And his isn't the hard part of he schedule

Originally Posted by Emerald76 View Post
Just a quick question lads...

Experience - does anyone know if it was confirmed on the PPM forums whether 100 experience gains a 20% boost to a player?

I've looked in the guide but cannot see this info...

If anyone knows where I might find it - a pointer in it's direction would be most appreciated!
I've never seen it confirmed by anyone with PPM, but its repeated so much that it must be true. Right? All the top/knowledgable managers seem to say th sme thing.

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