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12-03-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
I know this is me being uniformed, but can someone explain to me why getting the FBV would help this situation? I've thought about getting FBV but don't understand it enough to see the benefit of getting it done.
With traditional sharpening, the angle of the edges is tied to the hollow, but with FBV, you can independently adjust the angle of the edges as well as the "height" of the edges.

What that means is that when you are skating on a traditional hollow, you have to compromise between friction (bite) and glide. Too deep and it constantly digs into the ice and cuts down your glide. Too flat and you won't dig into the ice as much on your edges.

With FBV you figure out what you like with the height and angle of the edges, which for me makes the biggest difference when leaning on the edges. It feels easier to control my edges at different lean angles and my sharpenings feel more consistent and seem to last longer.

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