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Originally Posted by Clyde Donovan View Post
You do realize Stamkos plays on the Lightning, a team who employs a 1-3-1 system that is one of the most defensively conservative systems in the league. Stamkos is far from a "one dimensional,me-first player. I'm guessing Stamkos never bought into the defensive system which the Lightning played that got them to the ECF in 2011?
Except if Stamkos is the first "1" in a 1-3-1 he isn't exactly playing defense, now is he? I honestly don't know which spot he played.

But it is very ironic that depsite putting it in HUGE LETTERS you missed the point about not getting hung-up on names, and realizing that I am using examples to point out a specific type of player.

When a player is over a PPG for their career, and is STILL a negative in the +/- column, it does speak a bit to their defensive play. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that "+/-" is the be-all-end-all measure of defensive play, but it can be an useful indicator.

Also, Stamkos scored ~74% of his points at ES, so it isn't like he is racking up his points on the PP and not affecting his +/-.

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