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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
No they're not, it's down to personal preference and the position you play.

When I was a bad skater I had problems stopping even after getting hollow grinds, because I was a bad skater. As time went on I improved and stopping was no longer a problem and I was comfortable getting sharper grinds. I get a 7/16 now and that's perfect for the first time I get on the ice, I could easily get a 3/8 if I wanted to.
There are benefits to skating on a shallower hollow: more glide, an edge that will last longer, less fatigue. A deep hollow is a crutch for a poor skater. It allows a skater to get bite without using proper technique. Most collegiate/pro skaters are in 1/2, 5/8, or 3/4". You will occasionally get a player in 7/16, but with the exception of goalies, hardly anyone uses 3/8".

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