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12-03-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SomeDude View Post
My point is just because your relatives are qualified in an area, it doesn't mean you are, as the tone of your post suggested.

There's nothing wrong with anything you believe, but when you lecture people about being close minded and ignore everything they say, it is pretty hypocritical.

I love stuff like bigfoot and UFOs and was a hardcore believer when I was young, but one thing that turned me off was people who instead of debating the strong evidence against these things existing, just doing essentially what you did and say "theres no point, you'll never believe." It sounds more like a child arguing with someone about the existence of Santa Claus than a real scientific debate.
Ahhhh more shots taken at me, thanks man. But try reading what I wrote again and show where I ever said I was qualified in ANY area, rereading it you might see my point was I understand how science works. But thanks for twisting my words out of context.

And when people say nothing you can show me will change my mind, is that NOT being close minded? People think they are skeptics, but they are more cynical than they realize.

And there is nothing more I would love to do than get into scientific debate on if this creature exists and do believe there are true skeptics who would like to do that as well.

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