Thread: Olympics: 2014 - U.S. Roster Discussion
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12-03-2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by PaulieVegas View Post
Fail. Proof that we should all be happy Ranger fans aren't picking our Olympic team.

I gather from your name that you like Chris Krieder, and I agree he's a huge part of the future of American hockey. But...shouldn't we wait until he at least plays a full NHL season before placing him on the third line of the Olympic team? And ahead of guys like Brown, Pavelski, Pommenville, and Oshie? The same could be said for Derek Stepan, too. You sure the fact that both are Rangers isn't factoring into your decision?

McDounagh (another Ranger, BTW) is basically a bubble player right now, yet you not only have him on your top defensive line, but gave him an "A."

Schneider over Miller? The reigning Olympics MVP and probably the best goalie in the world (when not dealing with post-concussion syndrome) is behind a guy who's basically had one good half-season in the NHL?

Next time, leave your Ranger bias at home when you project the 2014 roster.
You had me until this statement. There is no way that McDonagh is a bubble player. Did you watch him play last year?

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