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12-03-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
Not sure about Nashville, they might be a bit too close to Cincinnati and St. Louis. Charlotte makes a lot of sense, though. Bigger population and a growing economy.

Portland just doesn't seem like a city that would have a baseball team to me.
Tennessee and most of Kentucky have always been sort of ancillary markets between the Cards, Reds, and Braves that have only really been minutely tapped as a result by Major League Baseball. Especially given the relative popularity of the sport with their minor league and collegiate history in that area, an MLB team probably would be a good middle-of-the-road franchise if put in Nashville, Memphis, or even Louisville, though from a wealth and distance from other teams' standpoint, Nashville is head and shoulders above the other two (and only one will ever get a team).

And Portland is mostly a good fit as well, but they probably took a hit by booting out the PCL Beavers in favor of an MLS franchise a couple years back. The Carolinas combined are undoubtedly the largest untapped market left for Major League Baseball, though. Even though the Charlotte area would be only roughly mid-sized, the combined North and South Carolina TV market, which a Charlotte-based team would assuredly have rights to even if the Braves complained, would be even larger than markets like Ohio, Illinois, and Florida from a pure population standpoint. An obvious TV contract for 14 million (N. & S.) Carolinians would be pretty damn huge.

For reference, here's what MLB mostly considers each franchises' effective TV market:

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