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Originally Posted by Mattb124 View Post
How is the competition on the Wed. night pick-up games at Valco? What time? I am learning that the skill level of these games locally can be all over the place. I have played at Valco on the Mon. & Fri. lunchtime pick-up games and I was not terribly out of place (i.e worst player on the ice, but not by much). I played in the Sat. night pick-up at Ice Oasis last week and actually felt bad for the guys whose team I was on because the level of play was so far over my head. - those guys are good!
The Wed night Valco has some good skaters out there. It used to be a team practice before the pick up, and then the pick up. It isn't posted at Valco because it's an email list pre-paid spot. I have been on the email list for about a year now, but haven't been in a few months.

I wouldn't worry about your skill level being below those you are playing with. I would actually say play above your skill level as often as possible. That's what will make you better. If guys are giving you crap then they are just taking their pick up game too seriously.

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