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12-03-2012, 01:46 PM
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There aren't 10 better hockey markets in all of North America than Edmonton.

Let this sink in for a second ... the Oilers average ticket price is higher than the NBA champion Miami Heat with LeBron James, DWade, etc. in South Beach Miami with all the big wigs with yachts and several times the population. And the Oilers are a last place team, playing in a shoddy arena, selling out every night with those ticket prices. It's higher than the Yankees too I believe, but there are obvious seating size differences between the sports.

The only teams in the NHL/NBA that charge a higher ticket price than the Oilers are the Leafs, Habs, Jets, LA Lakers, NY Knicks. When they get a shiny new arena (eventually even with some headaches), they're going to charge even more, especially when/if the team is actually good.

There is tremendous growth in the Oilers fanbase the last 15 years, but especially the last 6-7, this is something most people do not understand, but it's fairly obvious.

Go to an Oilers game today and half the people in the crowd never saw Wayne Gretzky play as an Oiler themselves. Generational fanbases have happened. The people who grew up watching the 80s Oilers had kids, and those kids become another wave of fans. 2006 happened and another wave of fans was added.

In Edmonton hockey is religion, not a sport.

And they are obviously benefitting from that. Like the Leafs and Habs, the Oilers are now starting to benefit from generational fanbases. So are the Flames (lots of Flames fans only now Iginla and Kipper, never saw that 89 Cup team at all).

People forget when the Oilers/Flames had their troubles in the mid-90s they were still very, very young franchises with basically one generation of fans.

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