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Originally Posted by Zorin View Post
For D-men it's a coinflip between Lidström and Bourque for their time. Depends on what style you like more. Harvey lived in a completely different era. So did Orr. The latter redefined the game of a d-man, so I give him the edge.

Regarding the best Redwing: I think it is no competition for 1st really. Howe defined the powerforward, he dominated the game for decades, he played for Detroit what seems to be multiple milenii and gives Gretzky competition for the best player of all time with Lemieux and Orr being runner up.
After that we have Yzerman who turned the dead things into a very good - in latter stages the dominant franchise of it's time. He played here for a very long time and carried the team on his back almost a decade. Something Nick never had to do. When he came into the league he had Stevie, he was accompanied by the likes of Feds, Vladdy, Kozzie and other great players. The team featured Ciccarelli or Primeau, Sheppard or - in replacement - Larionov.

So I think in terms of greatness in the eyes of fans Stevie has the edge over Nick. But its close. And honestly, Stevie is no slouch. It is no shame to be a tad behind him - especially in terms of being loved by wings fans.
That does not mean you are not loved - and even less that you are not a great player! Look who is BEHIND him. Is there no love for Vladdy, Feds, Shanny, Sawchuk, Lindsay, Kelly or Delvecchio?! Yes there is. Heaps of! But there is MORE for Gordie, Stevie Y and St. Nick. So I think it is a pretty good list so far. And everybody who makes the top-10 (or even the Top 20 or 30 for that matter) ALL TIME in a franchise as storied as the Redwings is (or was) a darn good player and a pretty much loved and pretty well respected player.
You do not say that Lemieux, Orr, Yzerman or Lidström are jerks, because you call Gretzky and Howe the best players to ever play the game....
Lemieux had more PPG than Gretzky the first time he retired. For that Lemieux is in the running with Gretzky for best of all time making Howe 3rd.

i don't think playing on a bad team should get you anything more than sympathy. I would credit Bowman more than anyone for turning around the Wings. He brought in a winning culture and changed the way Yzerman played for the bennifit of the team. Yzerman followed Bowmans lead. And even when all of those guys you listed left. Lidstrom was as good if not better. How does listing all those guys only help Lidstrom and not Yzerman. If anything I think Lidstrom helped them out just as much.

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