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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Since you claim it wouldn't be giving up much, I'm sure you wouldn't mind me putting a limit on your earning potential.
There already is unless I change occupations. It's actually questionable how much more I can make with an occupation change. I would probably have to look at my own start up with the intent to sell it. Having said that if my company came up and said "individual salaries are capped at 10 or 12 million". I think you would mostly get a crap load of laughing. Remember before this CBA talk they could get signing bonus's as well. I am not sure what kind of restrictions they are trying to place on that, but with its abuse they are probably going to try and do something with that as well.

Within the company I work for we have pay grades. For my job there is a max pay grade for which I have max salary and max bonus's unless I move over to management (change my pay grade). My benefits are tied to pay grade as well, with a couple of minor exceptions based on years of service. There is also a realistic max for my skill set in the industry as a whole. My salary has already dramatically limited which companies I can even look at if I wish to move on. I would have to look more into jobs that involve more travel in order to increase my salary. Even then there are only a small amount of jobs that would dramatically increase my salary, but they would generally hurt my quality of life.

So yes, there is a salary cap. At least in the company I work for. The benefits of moving to another company are more quality of life than salary and benefit related. That tends to happen when you've been in an industry for 23 years.

Let's no play around with silliness here. We are talking about income that places them in the most wealthy on a global scale. The limits are intended more for competitive balance than anything else. They are not there to oppress the workers. If there wasn't a cap the Rangers would be paying 20 million+ for a Crosby. That would be good for him, not necessarily good for the sport.

What I don't like is the ever increasing restrictions they are trying to impose on player mobility.

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