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12-03-2012, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by The Naz View Post
This is my point. He was touted as the next Carter when Carter was still a star. When he was Wiggins age now people locked him in for #1 until he faced college level defense and couldn't easily get to the basket. I'm not knockin Derozen or Wiggins, I'm just saying this level of hype is far more common then the actual realization of said hype.

I'm incredibly excited at the potential for Wiggins, and hope he can at least be great for Team Canada, or hopefully the Raptors. But I'm not gonna gonna add to the hype.

Few prospects live up to the hype doled on them from a young age. For every LeBron and Sid there is a Vinnie Lecavelier, Reggie Bush and Greg Oden. (I was personally super pumped for Oden!!)
It wasn't that he hit college defense. He didn't improve his 3 point shot. That was on him. It wasn't defense or anything, he can still get to the basket, he just doesn't have a jumper.

Vinne Lecavalier got hit in the head and ever since he hasn't been the same player. Not to mention all the wrist injuries he's suffered. Reggie Bush is perfectly fine He's on a bad team. And again Oden, injuries. I said if Wiggins avoids injuries and fills out his frame he'll be REALLY good.

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