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Originally Posted by TS Quint View Post
The way I think of it (I don't expect to change anyone's mind but I'll throw it out there) nobody noticed Lidstrom for the first 9 years of his career. In my opinion it was complete BS Pronger won the Norris in 2000 for having the best +/- when Lidstrom had 11 more points. I'm a big believer that points aren't everything but we all know that Lidtsrom didn't compromise his defense to put up those numbers. 97/98 Rob Blake are you kidding me? He was a minus player. Lidstrom was penalized for playing for playing mistake free hockey where he never had to look spectacular because he didn't make the mistakes that you would have to look spectacular to fix. It took 10 years and Yzerman's retirement for people to notice that. He was also penalized for playing on a good team and being Swedish.

What other player can say they dominated for 20 years? Outside of Howe no one can say they dominated for that kind of time line.

Harvey= in Norris Trophies but in a 6 team league and an overall smaller pool of players to choose from that just doesn't carry the same weight.

Ray Borque not even close. Great yes as good or dominant as Lidstrom? Nope. Only 5 Norris Trophies nuff said

Yes I love Yzerman (how can you not) but when you have easily the 2nd best Dman of all time to compete with. I don't think Yzerman was 2nd best at anything in the league nevermind all time. He was great at a lot of things was his strength. If I thought that Lidstrom and Yzerman we tied I might use leadership as a tie breaker and Yzerman might win. But its not like Yzerman blows Lidstrom away in the leadership category. Lidstrom was largely looked upon as one of the best leaders in the league. He was just not as open with the media.

Bourque only 5 norrises? Man, you are the anti-rhiessan.

Bourque has 13 1st ASTs and another 6 2nd ASTs. While I do agree that Lidström was unnoticed, he wasn't at that level that he wouldve won a norris in his first years. '96 would be the first time he might have been given some nods.

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