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Come check out the premiere EHM-based sim league, the ISHL!!

Sign up for Season 7 of the ISHL here!

The ISHL is a league run by forumers, with forumers as players and GMs. It's kind of a fantasy role-playing forum game. There are a few key points:

How active you are determines your overall rating! You can contribute to further bolster your rating!
A ton of games played! 76 games in a season.
Use of EHM instead of EA's NHL series. EHM 07 is the hockey world's premier PC Hockey Simulation option.
Further and enhanced highlighting of the managing and realism effects of real-world hockey.
More statistics and many more player attributes due to EHM, making an even more "personal" player experience.

Basically, we will be an enhanced league that will hope to quench the thirst of indepth simulation fans, offering a taste of "realism" with a game that proves to be extremely realistic, and the ability to entirely customize both self and team.

We have a system of "grades" that reflects the dedication and activity needed in the ISHL. Posting, simming, graphics, articles, and other ways to contribute will be of impact to your grade. League plans and goings-on would be incredibly transparent with bi-weekly or monthly progress and plan reports.

The league entirely revolves around the players, who enjoy a contract and free agency system, while entirely able to control exactly every aspect of their player's skillset, from every stride to every thought. The defensive defenseman will exist in full force, as will the agitator, the goon, the dangler, and more. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen, and make your player just the headcase that you are.

Other great features:
-Mid-season All Star Games!
-Bi-seasonal World Cup of Hockey!
-ISHL TV! Live games broadcast over the internet!
-Great TBN community!
-Fully designed identities!

Come join us today! If you have any questions about it, feel free to PM me!

Thanks for reading.

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