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It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by DespoticNewt View Post
Never said anything about trading him. I like the kid, though I wish he would stop trying to drive up the board, only to be rubbed out around the blue line.

Honestly, I am ignorant of how Kane's draft class was handled, and coupled with everyone's belief that ASG rushed their prospects, I figured that the same was with Kane. Advanced stats also confuses the hell out me, so a lot of that Rel Corsi stuff is pure gibberish. I know a number of you can crunch numbers like crazy, but I prefer to just watch the games and cry when they suck.
ok the bolded part made me really laugh Newt

I have to admit in the beginning of last season I didn't understand or like advanced stats but I am really starting to enjoy them as long as garret is doing the work . For me my eye was more than enough to convict fat Buff of abandonment as I watched him coast back into a play late that he had overcommitted in the O zone on for the umpteenth time hanging Toby out to dry. It drove me crazy and I was convinced he was a liability. I wish Buff was more fit but his numbers are much better than I thought they would be and I don't think we can afford to give up what he brings to our offense.........yet

Here's the rub for me on advanced stats vs the naked eye...........I actually love being proved wrong and I have found that my eye is pretty solid but when it is covered with rose colored lenses (or a tainted lenses) it doesn't work that well. I thought GST was better than they were but they really sucked, or should I say they were asked to do too much. I love Stuie but he is a liability if he is asked to fill in on the top 4. Toby is very good statistically and the fact he is small is not nearly as big a deal as some make it out to be. I think The Haines gets sold short big time on our board (maybe its to do with his contract) but I would like to see us sign him up to a 2 year extension and weld him to Bogo when Zach gets back. If not we better replace him with a equal level shut down veteran defender. These are a just a few of the things I was wrong about by "just watching" last year.

I am now a big fan of the advanced stats and am trying to learn more and more.........for now I am reading all the posts and I think I get it stage in my development is when I am able to go to "behind the net" and establish criteria and run scenarios. A perfect example of how to use them well was over on the main board on a Montreal Winnipeg thread there was some comparison of Bogo and Subban and a Habs poster showed some advanced stats that seemed to prove Subban was better than Bogo and Garret did a very good job of going deeper on the numbers and showing allot of the stats were skewed by the fact Subban has a stable talented D partner in Gorges that really helped him and if you looked closer at Bogo his numbers were every bit as good when he was playing with Hainsey but took a beating when he played with Stuie. I am not doing it justice but it was a great debate and I learned allot.

They are not the end all be all (and most advanced stats guys would tell you this) but they are a great tool to add to what you see.

one last thing: Players make mistakes and we can get down on them.....we forget very few guys are truly elite so it's great to be able to have advanced stats to measure a player like Toby when posters are getting down on him. You look closer and he is a very good defenseman and he is definatly top pairing level and you realize he probably gets judged harshly by some of our posters. Sure he is not a prime Chris Pronger but you know what, there just are not many prime Chris Prongers out there and that is why it is nice to be able to compare him to others through advanced stats.

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