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12-03-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by patty59 View Post
You suggested that Bergeron represent the Bruins in the upcoming meeting. I said he was in Europe stealing jobs, you know, not helping negotiations.

I'm with you that I'm glad that we don't have to listen to Bruins players make fools of themselves in the media regarding this whole thing. But, as a whole, I'm with Lou and Scott that these guys(all players) shouldn't be playing hockey anywhere, they should be "here" putting pressure on getting a deal done.
I did, but only in response to what I took as a completely hypothetical situation proposed by the poster I quoted, a "if you couldn't have Shawn Thornton go who would you send from the team". I would assume the Bruins PA rep would be the one to actually represent them in whatever union matters crop up. In that completely fictional scenario however I'd choose someone most likely to argue for a deal, most likely to concede to the owners financial demands (as I don't believe there is a deal otherwise), and someone who wanted to get back to NHL hockey a.s.a.p. As Thornton was eliminated (the money aspects won't likely make much difference to him), I'd choose Bergeron because of his character.

Then you started the conversation based around Bergeron "stealing" someone elses job and the merits of such. On that point we're not likley to agree, I have no issues with Bergeron or any other player going overseas, in fact I'd rather see them there then sitting beside Don Fehr and Sid Crosby fighting for more millions. At least overseas they aren't diligently fighting a losing battle wasting everyones time. And if they want to put pressure on Fehr, I'm sure they can from overseas. Hamerlik and Neuvirth's comments caused quite the stir while they were over there after all.

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