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12-03-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
The players' unity, if there is any at all, is galvanized by a toxic blend of personal hatred and the over the top notion they are being disrespected. This article sums up nicely just how "disrespected" they've been during the Bettman era. Salaries have increased 5-fold - how strange - you never would've thought that listening to the NHLPA.

Theres 2 issues here that the players need to resolve on their end:

1. The faux outrage regarding the 2004 lockout. Good thing they got Fehr on board to avoid that calamity again huh? All that deal did was line the players' pockets with cash for the last 7 years.

2. Familiarize themselves with the economic reality of the league. Its tough to take entitlements away from people. 57% of league revenues and no term limits on contracts are entitlements that you won't find in any other professional sports, despite hockey being a constant #4 in those rankings.

Its like a political campaign, when the record doesnt go in your favor, the next step is to tar and feather your opponent. From the stuff I've read, Im surprised Jeremy Jacobs hasnt sprouted devil horns yet. I've read less so about how half the teams in the league are unable to turn a profit. But the players dont care that half the league's operations are trending as unsustainable, so long as they continue to get theirs. Where is the greed in all this exactly?

Money has nothing to do with respect.

The vest fact of the 2004 lockout isn't where the "outrage" over the lockout exists on the player's side. The fact that you think so just shows how far off you are on this topic.

The players are aware they won't be keeping 57% of revenue and they have offered a method of limiting contracts. Being aware of the realities of the league is exactly what the players union is doing. You say no other sport has 57%? The other capped leagues had 57% and in both cases, the players were and will be paid out fully on contracts they already signed. No league dropped the players' share 7 percentage points overnight.

You've read from Forbes, whose numbers are notoriously inaccurate, and from league sources that half the teams aren't able to make money. Not only is one wrong and the other one misrepresenting, but it doesn't even cover the full scale of the actual issue. It's misleading.

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