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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
I'm a forward coming into the offensive zone, or I'm already in the slot...

1- The problem happens when there's a D between me and the goalie and I want to use the screen to score.
2- I play in a new league with no slap shots. My slaps that I've always used before in this situation would get through most of the time (maybe the Ds aren't as brave when it's a slap?).
3- I'm stuck using short snaps or wrist shots.
4-A majority of my shots get blocked before getting to the goal.
1. Try to skate laterally for a second right before you plan on shooting this usually creates enough space to get a clean shot off. If you really want to use the D as a screen then just focus on shooting in the direction of the net, but more so just trying to shoot between the D's legs. The lateral skating usually causes D men to have to spread their legs wider in order to keep moving with you.
2. Random rule but I guess it doesn't really have a negative meaning unless your clapper is a laser, I myself rarely do a slapshot just because it's not my best shot. And you are right, D-men typically are more afraid of a slap shot because of its higher velocity. Another thing you can do is fake a slapshot or any shot really, it usually causes the D-man to flinch or freeze allowing you to take a calculated shot or just go around them.
3. If those are the only tools you have make sure to practice them so that you use those shots to their full potential. Remember to fake shots, and sometimes shooting to score is selfish. Make the smart play that benefits the team whether that be shooting to make a rebound or drawing defenders in and doing a drop pass to a trailer.
4. As I said, lateral movement, faking shots and just playing smart hockey. Don't force shots or plays you know probably have a low success rate.

EDIT: and that video someone posted of the pull wrist/snap shot is also a very good technique to know

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