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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Seeing these invites, I'm starting to think Sproul might actually have a chance. If it wasnt Murphys coach coaching I would like it a lot better. The way I see the D shaking out is Hamilton, Harrington, Ouellet, Rielly, Reinhart and the 6 and 7 spots up for grabs.

In 15 less games played this year, Sproul has 4 less points then Murphy and more goals.. If it werent for his coach coaching why would anyone think Murphy should make it over Sproul if theyre both there for their offense. Then you take into account that one is 6'4 and can throw some big hits it should be an easy decision, but because of whose coaching I'm not so sure.

Dumba does have that physical edge but he hasnt looked all that great in the games I've watched (subway/summer) and hes supposed to be more of an offensive guy as well but Sproul has more points in 15 less games and is a year older.

Sproul led the OHL in goals last year, is huge, can play physical and I dont think hes the defensive liability of Murphy. Hes got more offense then Dumba but that physical game of Dumas is intriguing.

If they take a 7th dman for an offensive role it should be Sproul
I really hope Sproul makes it. He's really grown on me this year. He isn't a liability on the ice anymore. Not saying that he was, but he's improved his defensive game a lot. Sproul has really progressed as player.

Plus his mobility and reach is going to huge on the larger ice surface. When you combine that with his offensive ability, it could become a very valuable player for this team.

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