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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
I disagree, I don't think its heartless of Michonne at all. She doesn't compromise. If you make her an enemy, then she will become your enemy. To her viewpoint, Penny is a zombie. A piece of meat. A carcass. An enemy. The governor only proved his lack of sanity by having any feelings for a zombie. Michonne killed Penny because a) its a zombie and b) Governor cared for it.

Heartlessness has nothing to do with it.

Plus the Governor already knew the goods that the kid no longer possessed any memory or human recollection. The episode showed that where he thought his daughter was responding to music but was just fixated on the bowl of meat on the table. He got mad, and slammed her back in the room. He wanted acknowledgement, any acknowledgement, and got none.
The experiments with the old guy were obviously connected and were occurring for a reason. The Governor secretly wanting to know if Penny had any recollection of her human life after turning. But he was keeping Penny for his own contrived comfort. Not because the entity was still his daughter. In a sense he already knew this.

Finally, the roadteam has a lot more close up knowledge of walkers, who they transform, what they are like transformed, and had already seen the keep your zombie family mistake attempted on the farm. They have much more first hand knowledge of the zombies and the turning.

The village people are largely naive to this.

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