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12-03-2012, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by iamjs View Post
Nobody said it makes you any less of a fan. Why should I promote them by wearing a shirt, a hat, etc. if they can't put a product on the ice?

Jerseys have remained in the closet, Penguins shirts have been getting pushed to the back of the closet due to rotation due to not being worn. The Penguins license plate holder that was shattered in my accident in September has not been replaced, nor will it be replaced until an agreement is made. Hats? I have two that are non-Pens: a Nailers hat that I wear when I run or head to the rink, and an A* hat that isnt' destroyed with sweat, dirt, etc.
There are lockouts and strikes happening everyday, some affect less people some more, i agree with the fact that it sucks, but at the same time, nhl teams are worth on average about 282M$, and its a multi-billion dollar industry, its normal that negociating a new CBA will take time. The collateral dammage is more evident in this case because of the nature of the business but it still doesnt mean, in my opinion, that the feelings of the fans, while important to keep the nhl growing, shouldnt be a factor in the negociations.

The way i see it, its a business negociation, ill just wait on the sidelines until both parties have reached an agreement that theyre both happy with, and when that happens, ill gladly go back to watching nhl games without showing anger, without complaining about the lenght of the lockout (or the cancelled season if that be the case), and especially without being less of a fan, just like i would for any other business that goes though a lockout or a strike.

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