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12-03-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by HeliDevil View Post
Started watching Band of Brothers the other day thanks to directv on demand. Already finished episode four. I love this series. Will definitely watch the Pacific next. It is all really well done.

Did anyone watch Red Tails? I have it saved on my dvr and am wondering if it's worth watching.
Band of Brothers is one of the best series I've ever watched. I have it on Blu-Ray and am waiting for a lull to start watching it over a week at a time. Now that Boardwalk is over and Homeland is nearly done, I'll probably do that to kill time until GoT returns.

The Pacific is not nearly as good. It tries to be but isn't. It follows three different people for just a few episodes if I recall correctly and doesn't establish that group story at all like BoB did. It's ok viewing but don't expect it to live up to BoB.

Red Tails sucked. Too bad too because it could and should have been a great movie but instead of focusing on the drama and taking a realistic shot at telling the story of courage and heroism it comes off as superficial, over actioned CGI sequences with only fleeting moments of drama. The characters are played as simplistic labels and the story picks right up with the squadron flying patrols way behind the line then ramps up to a quick "here you go, here's your shiny new P-51s and the next scene they're racking up kills galore with no effort". Oh our friend died when Goose hit the canopy I mean he got shot and crashed on the way home. Seriously, Top Gun had more drama and that was a flight jock movie.

I felt bad for the people who's story was supposed to be told here as it was a cheap interpretation of the real story and did no justice to the true struggle and heroism. This was closer to a Saturday morning cartoon version than a historical war drama.

you'll know that feel when you see the German airstrip attack they pull off and the long stare cheesy down between the German ace and the main character. Cause you know - it's easy to pick out a guy as you dodge flack and ground fire while strafing up and down the runway with explosions and secondaries going off and make eye contact and give him a big F U smirk as you buzz by at 100 feet going 350 mph.

In short, the entire movie either felt like a stalled conversation or a ragged Cliff Notes sprint to tell a 4 hour tale in 20 minutes. The pacing was almost as bad as the dialogue.

If you want to see a better version of the real story;


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