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12-03-2012, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Yes, they do not profit from a raise of value in the team. They also do not get affected one penny by the loss of value. It goes both ways. The league was flourishing so it's easier to look at them not touching profit, but if it wasn't, they would still get every single penny promised.

Owners don't turn in profit, they lose money. Owners don't turn in profit, players still get paid the same. No risk.

And you're wrong. If they create team value and participate in the growth of revenues, the salary goes up, which means compensation goes up, which means players get rewarded. So, indirectly, they do get a share of the profit.
Likewise for if the league revenues decrease, the new salaries may slightly drop if ever there was a drop in the cap, however everybody already signed to a deal would still get the same amount as their contracts are guaranteed. So again, players risk nothing.
In order for it to be a risk, there must be the potential of loss, players do not lose a dime.

DA's point wasn't even that. He said the players take a financial risk because they are risking career ending injuries every time they play. He fails to see a difference between both.

Also, the idea that the owner is just fine even if he sells at a loss is simply wrong. We have no idea of the debt he owes. It's very possible that his investment turned in the negative. What usually saves them is their other business ventures and the huge assets they hold.

I'm not siding with anybody. I've said this about a million times already. I said at this point, it's all about cutting your losses short. If the players lose the season, they lose more cash than they would had they accepted a 12% rollback. At the same time, the league is losing a lot of credibility and sponsors. Potential TV deals might be gone as well. Who wants to invest in a league that could lockout every half decade?
Both sides are losers, both sides have handled it poorly, and both are dumb for letting it go as far as it has and still is.
really... lol

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