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Originally Posted by KyGuy9 View Post
Well, you are entitle to your own opinion, because I think almost the complete opposite. Over valued? How? I don't see any teams running up to Windsor offering a crazy package for Posa. I think what you are trying to say is People think Posa is awesome while you think he is just average ON THE ICE, even though you think he is a great leader OFF the ice? Correct me if i'm wrong, but that's what I'm getting. If uou are talking about Posa being overrated as captain, leadership, then I completey don't agree.

I would like to hear which reasons spits2timechamps gave are incorrect?
over vauled in the eyes on windsor fans ( is what i meant )

im talking about him as a player hes not as good as everyone makes him out to be ,,,, hes first pass in hes on zone is bad

you make is sound like im saying hes the worst d-man in the league lol ..... im not saying that .... what im saying he get way to much ice time for what hes abilities r

i would never say anything about him not having heart ... he does give it 150% but my question is, do u want a guy that has to give 150% all the time to get the puck back becuase he is messing up with it or would u have a guy that is good with the puck and doesnt mess up and doesnt have to give 150% to get it back ?

im just asking if u break down that spit with a fine comb

do u like how they r made up ? and dont be a fan of the spits when u do this be a hockey fan !

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