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12-03-2012, 04:08 PM
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The only true way of finding marketvalue....... is the arena sold out (for the majority of seats) year after year

now if you eliminate the current seat holders /companies that hold seats can you sell it out again ... and how many times can you successfully sell it out....esp if your team is not playing well

plus you can have hardcore hockey fans who have other sports over they are hardcore fans but prefer 1 or more leagues/sport over hockey

and how large an area will primairly watch hockey on a regular basis.

thats where cdn markets jump dramiitically........(and orginal six markets)

for instance Van has a huge base of BC to watch(even if that isnt their team)...same for Alberta...even though that may not be their team.....and the Maritimes will watch alot of hockey as well as Sask.....................and for alot of those people they may never attend a game but will watch/buy on areg basis.

So for the most part Cdn teams are big market team.....maybe Win doesnt have as big a base as some CDN teams so you can slide them back a bit(maybe and not for long)

also you need to take into account how often these teams spend to the cap over a extended time ...showing their market strength

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