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12-03-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
OKC is tied for 6th in GF in the west.

And I realize the effect scoring has on +/-. I actually think the stat would be better if they only counted the minuses, with everyone starting the season at zero and going down from there. Since the stat is generally used to look at defense, they should just take out the offensive side.

But as I said, its a flawed stat, like all stats are. But people who simply dismiss it are missing the point.
OKC was tied for 2nd at the time that I posted, other teams have played more games since and catapulted themselves ahead. Regardless, that's not the main point of what I posted.

I agree with that system actually, though there's already separate stats available in terms of the NHL where you can see which players have the highest GA when they're on the ice.

And yes, you shouldn't completely dismiss it, but it lacks a lot of substance and again, it's like what I said earlier, you have to look at the specific contexts and underlying details of everything to get the real picture.

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