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12-03-2012, 04:21 PM
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Can he really be a GREAT OWNER??

Like me, I know 95% (or more) of us hockey fans believe that Jeremy Jacobs is mainly in it for the bucks. But will there ever come a time where he can learn from Robert Kraft and try to get the fans on his side. To really step in there tomorrow and end this saga. Jacobs must be in his 70's now. He KNOWS how most of us fell about him. He's not dumb.
Ending this lockout now, or next year doesn't make a difference to the fans... we're already irate about how they handled this. BUT WHAT DOES MATTER is HOW you end the lockout. Come out and speak and actually try to get fans on your side. Admit it was a terrible situation that was poorly handled. Actually say your gonna give fans great deals on tickets. At least try and be human.
To me, this his last chance to get fans on his side..... just a little anyway.

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