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Originally Posted by prowatcher View Post
watch when he is in the D zone he turns to the strong side most of the time which causes him to get trape down low. the last game was this first time in a long time he look and moved the puck to the weak side to excape the D zome.When you are play defences it is about time and space and the puck moves faster then any player the D is to set the play up not just skate is up. I think the new coach from that last game was making a big diffrents. if you watched the D used each other to open up the ice something that has been done all year.and that lets the forward get open. causing less turn overs and better because the foward have space to skate, that the Defence created.these are the finer point that get you to the next level. and out of all the defences man Pelech can really make it to the NHL. it is the little think a defences man does that will keep him there.
I agree that Pelech has turned the puck over a few times recently but I do not think that it is really a big deal in comparison to the other players. I can only think of one or two games where he had a bad turn over and a turn over now and then is bound to happen. I think the real problem with turnovers are with Donnay, Abraham, and Kuleshov. Last home game Donnay had a horrible turn over in their own zone and Plymouth then scored to get the OT win. Abraham can really bring the puck out but at times he holds onto it for to long, or panics and just throws it off his stick. Kuleshov has been better but he struggles with holding on to the puck to long and poor puck control I think.

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