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12-03-2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
My feeling is this: if you are a HHOFer you would have enough in your career to begin with. They can't re-define the standards just because Bettman and Goodenow/Fehr were terrible leaders and the players and owners didn't have a clue. If Alfredsson, Hossa, Naslund, St. Louis, etc. "could" have become HHOFers had they played those seasons then it is just too bad. They didn't play and may as well be injured in those years. You can't reward a player for something he didn't do. Maybe they blow their knee out and miss the entire season anyway. In Alfredsson's case he has been a major player in both lockouts and is probably his own worst enemy from having what might have been a clearer HHOF career.

I wouldn't worry about Weber though. He's the best defenseman in the NHL right now even if he's been shortchanged a Norris. The players are aiding in how their careers pan out since they are participating in a cancelled season. You could find a player or two that would have had a stronger career and one that would catapult them to the HHOF without World War II. So why not the lockouts?
agree with all of those names except st. louis.

with a hart, a pearson, probably the second most important player on a cup winner, plus a third place hart finish, a fourth place selke finish, first team all-star, three second team all-stars, and two top five goals finishes, five top ten assists finishes (including a first, second, and fifth), and four top ten points finishes (including a first, second, and fifth), this to me is one of those cases where losing two prime years will be taken into account because he accomplished so much in a career that might not hit 1,000 games.

thomas is an interesting case. in two non-consecutive peak years, he did a ridiculous amount. not quite parent, but as close to parent's brief peak as any non-top six goalie since the second world war. on the other hand, as has been mentioned above, there is a precedent with high peak goalies not making it. the nature of the position is such that a guy can peak very high and not have much else to hang his hat on. could thomas fall into that category? especially when his peers giguere and theodore, whose single best years could arguably be considered better than thomas, are huge longshots to even be in the HHOF conversation?

all that said, as time passes and we forget the way thomas left the game (if indeed he doesn't come back after the lockout), his hasek-like numbers will remain staggering, which has to help in comparison to, say, an 80s goalie like pelle lindbergh.

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