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12-03-2012, 04:51 PM
Change is good.
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Forbes' numbers can of course be questioned - hell, you can question any numbers that you haven't yourself audited. But where is the evidence that the teams are actually all (but for 5) profitable? Seems to me that if 83% of the teams were profitable and the players were only asking for very reasonable tradeoffs on contract rights...

...then there would be NO way these owners of profitable teams would throw away a season of profitability out of spite. 'Cause that's how 30 individuals & companies who have accumulated great wealth got there right? Throwing away millions upon millions of dollars out of spite?

Look, I am more than willing to lay a good portion of the blame for the current state of affairs at the feet of the owners, not just for Bettman's bullying tactics and their ill-thought out initial offer, but also what appears to be their recent resistance to even contemplate obvious gives on contracting. I am more annoyed with them now than I have been at any point since they made that first offer. But to suggest that the vast majority are making significant profits and they are still willing to cancel a season is a lot less credible than Forbes' numbers...

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