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I agree with you guys on Dietz. I think sometimes he's tries too hard and it ends up hurting his team, but for the most part he's been pretty solid. Siemens has started to pick is play up as of late though, hopefully Thrower can too when he gets back in the line up.

I don't know if I'd call the Rychel - Vail - Lorentz line a shut-down line as Vail is really the only shut down forward on that line. I also wouldn't call the Johnson - Vail - Marchese line a shut down line that was used earlier, even though it close to a one than the previous line.

Honestly, I wouldn't call it a terrible piece, but it definitely seems a bit uniformed. It's gives us something to read though, so I won't complain.
Pretty much. I treat those articles the same I would a post here on HF. No need to rip anyone to shreds, but mistakes are going to be pointed out for the sake of healthy discussion.

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