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12-03-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
But to be fair, they DID those seasons. They weren't sititng on their butts at home on Twitter crying about Gary Bettman and the owners either. You'd be giving them too much credit for something they MAY have accomplished and in the case of those above HHOFers you mentioned I agree that even some of them have that one great season in their career that pushed them over the top but at least they showed they could do it instead of having us guess.
I don't know, Hall of Fame inductees don't always work like this. There are always going to be marginal cases.

For example: We know perfectly well how good Elias was, he's on the cusp of the HOF, and if he had 1,000 points, he probably gets in, since the induction committee loves milestones like that. But he'll probably fall just short of 1,000 points. So that's where the what-ifs come in. (And it's hardly a stretch to think that Elias would have another 106 points without the two lockouts, either.)

Like I said, the HOF committee might end up agreeing with your stance. Fair enough. But that could end up leaving a bunch of players out of the Hall who would've made it in without the lockouts.

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