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12-03-2012, 05:56 PM
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My thoughts:

- After the swap of all picks prior to the draft, perhaps only accept 2-on-2 trades if any picks that change hands are in the Top-100, and then only accept 3-on-3 if any picks that change hands are in the Top-250/Top-300 etc ... My thought behind this is to easily be able to evaluate a trade with high picks involve (The consequences of a lopsided trade in the 500's isn't really important). I think most of the trades in the draft is for one team to get the player they are coveting, and this rule enable the teams to do so, while not giving a competitive advantage to another one.

- I don't mind a no-trade draft.

- I am still unsure if I will be participating, although the urge is present. The main reasons to participate in these drafts for me is to make biography, and I will still be away abroad until the very least early February. I may participate without doing bios and just making the picks (To fill a spot per say), but how fun is that?

- The later the draft start, the better my chance of participating (to give one GM opinion)

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