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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
I know this isn't my league but i'm in talks with a guy who might be testing NHL 14. If you're not in The Bluth Company and there's any things you'd like to see improved upon in GM Connected, post them in this thread. I'm finalizing a list to give to him and i'd love as much input as possible.

bluth company 2014 gm connected wishlist[/center]

Bluth Company Wishlist

9) Have ability to see User W/L and Sim W/L splits
10) Have ability to resign/release/buyout players during regular season
11) Have ability to block inquiries regarding Nino Niederreiter

12) Faster Menus (how has THIS not been brought up yet?!)
13) There should be banner raising ceremonies for the CUP Winner every year

14) Ability to trade Injured Players
15) An active Game Ticker that shows updated scores of current games going on in the league
16) Ability for Commissioner to Approve trades at the "Trade Details" screen, instead of having to go back and forth with terrible menus
17) Ability to track Prospect Progression and see detailed scouting reports for prospects
18) Allow to change a players position. For example if a player is listed as a Center in the game, but you play him as a LW.. let us be able to change their default position so when the computer sims and does best lines, they stay at their position.
19) Allow GM's to be able to look at overall and attributes of players on the waiver wire from the waiver screen.
20) A player attribute projection system.. allow us to see what a player on our rosters overall will roughly be for the next season.. this would be especially useful when re-signing players to see who we would want to re-sign or let walk to FA.
21) Fix the Waiver System. As it works currently, CPU controlled teams and/or GM Controlled teams during Double Advances will send good NHLers/Prospects through the Waiver system due to injury (Nyquist, Biron, Reimer etc..). Even if the "fix" to this is simply not allowing CPU teams to use Claim or Place players on waivers.
22) Player Progression during the season. Player progression shouldn't happen only during the offseason
23) Ability to see the future schedule for your GM connected team

24) Stop reverting to "Best Lines" whenever a player is injured. Just make that injured spot "unfilled". We shouldn't have to spend 5 minutes reseting our lines because one player gets injured.
I was going to say something similar to this. I'd suggest that players (at least not all of them) aren't given 1 position. Do it like fantasy hockey does, i.e. Backes (C, RW). No need to pigeonhole every single player to exactly one position when there is so much interchange nowadays. This, along with players learning new positions if they play significant games there, should improve all the crappy Asst. GM line editing.

Frankly, they should just play Football Manager for a month, there is so many ideas in there that could be incorporated in NHL 14 that would improve non-gameplay features. Just a few:

- real time progression (not just at the end of the year) based on how well a player is playing (ie. if a player goes ppg over a block, he gets a bump in his attributes)
- training regiments, where the harder you work your players, the more they will progress (but also the more susceptible they are to getting injured)
- fatigue, to both goalies and players (FM does it with %, where %100 is fully rested, and usually at the end of a match they are at around 70%, if you continue to play a tired player they wont perform as well and are more susceptible to being injured) (ie if a defenseman is playing 35 min a night continuously, his performance drops)

obviously soccer and hockey are completely different sports so there would have to be some tweaks, but i feel there are ideas to be utilized.

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