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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
I don't really get why playing on a bad team is more favourable. Usually you'd put the adventage on players on a good team becuase what they do is successful. Playing well on a bad team just means he's not good enough to make a difference.
I'm not saying that is should be it was more in reply to:

Originally Posted by bluechipbonzo View Post
Pelech's hockey sense and positioning win over here IMO.

Kid is putting up nice offensive numbers too, and on a crummy team at that.
I have to disagree about good tams and bad teams though... 1 player can not change the fortune of a team. I suggest you go read the Sudbary Wolves thread in the OHL forum to see the state of the team.

Canucks prospect Frank Corrado on WJC selection camp invite: "I've always been on teams that haven't been the greatest
.... I've just tried to get better. Adversity helps you grow as a player and a person. I'm no stranger to it and have always got it done.

Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
If you want stats and numbers, you're barking up the wrong tree. My opinion is made up from the handful of times I've seen these guys play. Corrado is a good prospect, but gets overhyped quite a bit(mainly by those only reading a stat line, I would assume).

Offensively I'd have him ahead of Wotherspoon and Harrington(who is superior defensively) and only clearly ahead of a couple of superior offensive players in Murphy and Pouliot defensively.

There's seven other guys that I would say have a better combination of offense/defense than Corrado.

That's why I'd call him a fringe player.
Over these handful of times how many times did you watch Corrado & he was your main focus?

See I'm one of those people that will rely on advanced stats before I rely on someone's opinion with only a handful of games as sample size. I find they usually tend to have less bias then someone's opinion.

Can I assume the bold is a shot at myself? Thats how it comes off. I would hope its not with your position. I mean I don't really see anyone overhyping him... heck no one is really talking about him.

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