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12-03-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by DocWest View Post
Cali Banh Mi is my favorite. They are usually parked across the street from the LACMA with about ten other trucks.
thx for the heads up. I ended up on 154th in Hawthorne ish and there were a few great trucks. One was a grilled cheese sandwich truck that really made a great sandwich and another was all about garlic which was also great.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to rich and filling but great. I will be in L.A. again this weekend until this Saturday and then gone again. I am going to be in the LACMA area so I hope to give Banh Mi a try.

Oki Dogs has finally died.

They are still open for bus but they have dropped so far off in quality that they aren't even worth eating any longer.

If you had an Oki Dog at the first location back in the day then you know how great a loss this is but if not there isn't any point of rushing out to get one now. Suffice it to say that when Terry and Dani were making Oki Dogs they were something really unique and special.

A truly special piece of L.A. will soon die of the same cancer that has eaten so many of the unique and special weird places in L.A.

Change is constant and I am certain that in time something else will step in and pretend to take its place.

Oh well.

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