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05-28-2006, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by TBLightningFan
I am 27 now and looking into it....well its a no brainer..I want to play hockey. I have so many reasons to jump into it. My son is 4 and is now beginning learn to skate classes. He lives and breathes hockey 24-7. Not only do I want to play...I want to be able to share the experience with him as he grows. Several others in the family can play or have played in the past.

My major worry is how out of shape I am. Skating can be pretty intense for a cardio workout and can do any weight training with family. I think getting into hockey will be the best thing in the world I can do. Its has to be easier to get in shape when theres a game behind it.

If theres anyone who has any advice, I'd love to hear it.
thats very true, i was fairly skinny when i stopped playing hockey i actually gained about 75-80 lbs. as of 3 years out of the game you never realize what it does to your body untill you play for awhile and stop i've sinec lost 20 of that fortunately, but hockey is probably a bigger workout than baseball, or even football, and could compete with basketball, and soccer as being one of the major sports out there that help get you in shape.

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