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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
Heh, I got sucked back in to that too, when the restored-content mod got mentioned here. I'm quite interested to see just how the restored ending plays out. The original ending just plain sucked.
Keep in mind that the ending is still very similar, but there are a lot of conversations added at the end that tie up loose ends a lot better. It also clarifies some of the games themes. The game has a missing act and there is no mod that can fix that unfortunately.

Originally Posted by WhipNash27 View Post
I'm nearing the end of the game. Overall I think the gameplay is better in KOTOR 2, but I still like the story in 1 better. I'll have to see how this one ends though.
KOTOR 2's story is much better to me. But they both appeal to different areas I think. I liked 1's too so it's not a knock or anything.

The gameplay side has goods and bads in both games. KOTOR 1 is more challenging (though still very easy) so ultimately I find it better. The encounters are much more interesting. 2 has some great crafting stuff in it but its so overpowered that the game is seriously the easiest RPG I've ever played. I think KOTOR 1 had better exploration, though both are pretty limited in that area.

Oh if you haven't reached the HK factory yet from the restored content mod that can be pretty tough. It was never balanced right and probably shouldn't have been in the restored mod, or at least have the option to disable it.

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