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12-03-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
These posts on this forum are starting to sound like the NHL negotiations. There are long rambling rants by advocates for both sides about how their position is superior and the other side is either greedy, overpaid or both.

By now, no one has to read the post to know what it is going to say, you just have to look at the name of the poster. While we grumble about how Bettman won't give in or how Fehr won't give in, these two are probably more flexible in their positions than many of the posters seem to be. It has just been one side or the other taking their turn on the soap box.

I'll be happy when their something to talk about besides the negotiations.
Going to have to agree to this. I think both parties are being greedy. The players got too much out of the last lockout, so the precedent has been set. The owners now want a bigger piece of the pie that they helped build, but seem stingy on certain contract issues. Fehr is playing spin doctor, Bettman is being a lil *****.

The reality is the players are going to have to cave in. They won't get a deal they'll be happy about... that passed when they weren't happy about the owners offer to keep a full 82 game season. Whether the League is offering them ****, or the NHL PA is being greedy, in the end, the players will have to accept a deal.

Play for a different league, or suck it up and getter done! They'll all still make tons of money... owners will still have to overpay to sign FA's and to keep their young talented players.

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