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Originally Posted by Benny FTW View Post
High Five.

Originally Posted by Qward View Post
If I have a psychic already then I have a level 100 Rattata and a 100 Mewtwo and I know my opponent will be using ghost pokemon, damn straight I am taking Rattata.

If I have a good line up of offensive threats and I can have either a 200 meter playing powerforward that can throw his weight around or another offensive threat player. If I know my Opponent is going to have tough fast players (Russia) damn straight I am taking the power forward.

I know about pokemon too.
uhh. Normal type doesn't effect Ghost type, while Psychic does effect Ghost type. Especially if your Ghost is Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, then Psychic is super effective.

Therefore Mewtwo would be more useful against a ghost type, so you're wrong.

Mewtwo also learns a greater variety of attacks (such as Dark type or Ghost type moves), and they are quite simply more powerful than what Rattata learns.

Finally, Mewtwo's base stats total 680, while Rattata's total 253.

Mewtwo >>>>> Rattata AINEC, even if you're team already has Alakazam, Hypno, Exeggutor, Mr. Mime and Slowbro/Starmie.

You take the better player regardless of whether or not he throws his weight around.

I know Pokémon better.

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