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Prometheus - 5/10

A rambling mess of a movie that does no justice to Scott's earlier work in the series. The sheer look of the film is nice. It is clearly of the world of the Nostromo (though, admittedly, this "earlier" ship is quite a bit nicer). Ten years ago, I might have gotten more worked up in my negativity towards this movie, but the unrelenting crush of crappy "alien" movies tied in to the Predator franchise has made me too indifferent towards the series to care that much. Which is a shame, because I was a huge fan of the first two (and even three) movies in the series, and was able to watch the fourth one in good humor. I was looking forward to a return to form with Scott back at the helm, but it ended up being underwhelming and disappointing.

The Avengers - 8/10

I'm not a huge fan of superhero movies, but I always end up seeing them at some point. The Avengers is worth the time, and I think it is entirely due to Whedon. I think he has the same sort of wonderful gift for pacing and framing action movies/sequences that JJ Abrams has. They don't always work with the best material (especially Abrams, e.g. Star Trek) on the page, but they find a way to put the best material on the screen. The main thing I came away with is that this is how the Hulk is best used. I also figure Hulk is inline for a major knocking down of a peg or two in the next movie because he was just too "big" in this one. They set him up for a fall, which I'm not really looking forward to. I like Hulk smash.

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The 400 Blows: 8/10
It took me quite a long time to get around to this classic. It was good - didn't blow me away but I liked it. It wasn't altogether entirely what I was expecting, but I'm not really sure what I was expecting. I actually found a lot of similarities between this movie and The White Ribbon...not sure if that's a valid comparison or not but there you have it.
I'm a fan of 400 Blows, too. Keep meaning to re-watch it but I don't get around to it. Like you, when I first waded into it, I'm not sure what I was expecting, either, but Truffaut delivered. I think it was my first Truffaut movie, too.

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