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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
This is all well and good, but it's all a non-sequitur, and you're still evidently not following (whether it's deliberate or not, I'm not sure). It's very elementary arithmetic.

Do you believe that Trevor Linden is one of the 100 greatest Canadian hockey players of all time? Please answer this question (I will have follow-ups).
To answer your question in the strictest sense no Linden is not one of the top 100 Canadian players of all time.

I had already answered that question though as it's pretty obvious that any such list would need to use a metric to compare players.

The reason he is on my list is perhaps complicated and at the same time simple.

Any top 100 best of all time list is going to become an exercise in stat counting and awards, finishes ect...

If Bob Gainey and Guy can be on guys lists Trevor can be on my personal one.

Like I said above, Linden doesn't meet the top 100 criteria in the counting aspect, in any metric.

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