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Originally Posted by znk
Man...I just dont know what to take a look at this.... Maybe it will open your eyes a little.

Pierre Rinfret and Michel Bergeron have had an agenda against Koivu all year long and it started at training camp when bergeron said Ribeiro was the better center and we should get rid of Koivu.
It was actually an excellent text and it made a number of interesting points.

I guess I just have trouble dealing with opinions too far on one side or another.

I have the manic tendency to play the Devil's advocate.

Trust me, I could easilly argue that Koivu one heck of a Captain, but since it seems so many guys are doing that for me...

Honesty, it feels so often like a goddamned bandwagon that I cannot watch it go past without it ruffling my feathers (so to speak).

I just feel a lot of things are bunched together, positions seems to get radicalized in black and white... it just doesn't feel healthy.

There needs to be room for debate.

Even Koivu himself on PJ's show seemed to agree that the french factor was important... until PJ cut him, of course.

And repeating the story of french guys, europeans and english guys at the same restaurant not eating at the same table.

Well, to me, this story sounds more like a lack of the core group to take up the mantle of leadership than an inherent difficulty to "merge" different interests.

Then again, I might be in error.

I just feel we are being content with so little these days.

Having an ok captain, an ok team, promising prospects, making the playoffs...

Those who dare critique any little shred of what might be a positive to this horrror story are suddenly monsters.

I don't know... it just doesn't feel right.

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