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12-03-2012, 08:14 PM
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There's no conspiracy against Avs prospects. I'm pretty sure Barrie, Elliott, Hishon, and Siemens have all been invited to Team Canada's camp before. Barrie is the only one to actually make the team and he played great.

Siemens isn't overrated or a bust like some seem to suggest but you're lying to yourself if you think he has played great since being drafted by the Avs. He was inconsistent last season (the concussion didn't help) and I haven't watched any of his games this season but based on what I have read, it doesn't seem like his play has been anything special. There are many Canadian players who are outplaying him and I don't think he deserves to be on the team.

As for this lighting a fire under his ass and him using this as motivation, he shouldn't need any extra motivation to play well. I also recall people saying the same thing last year as well. I'm still a big believer in Siemens and think he will be a big part of the Avs future but I definitely don't have the same level of excitement as I did when we drafted him. I thought he was at least three years away (two in junior and one in the AHL) but I expected him to make a bigger improvement than he has.

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