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12-03-2012, 08:29 PM
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The Moody`s downgrade has far reaching ramifications on the city`s ability to finance its future operational and infrastructure needs for many years to come. Given the strong likelihood of continued economic weakness both locally and nationally, the city has basically f--ed itself for the forseeable future. Should GJ somehow gain ownership (not likely) this cty will be the textbook example of how not to run city government. Sadly, this Glendale version is a microcosm of what is unfolding in DC where the Democrats seem to have been drinking the same Kool aid as the COG Council. All while the Beaz is relaxing on some South Seas island, laughing at the complete and utter ineptitude of this group of morons. I feel for the new Mayor , he has been left with a bare cupboard , a bunch of corrupt city administrators and somehow an electorate that does not see the importance of over turning this vote by referendum. God save the city of glendale, wrote a Moody`s analyst.

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