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Originally Posted by RipsADrive View Post
Fair enough. I guess since she intended on murdering the Governor in his house anyway there was no point in keeping Penny "alive" for leverage or any other reason. She didn't want anything from the Governor besides his life.

Michonne's actions still don't quite sit right with me though. I'm not exactly sure why she'd risk abandoning Rick and the other just to ambush and kill the Governor. What was the point? It would just make him a martyr to the town (likely leading to Merle taking charge) and it wouldn't exactly endear her to Andrea. As a seasoned survivor who made it for so long on her own you'd think she'd care more about self preservation rather than vengeance.
Its a weak attempt to follow the comic book plot.... But they left out all the things that happen between the Governor and Michonne in the comics.
In the comics she has every reason to get any type of revenge on the Governor. In the TV series he hasn't really done anything personally to her so Michonnes actions definitely seem a bit strange.

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